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Good things truly do come to those who wait. As a G-spot orgasm enthusiast, to put it lightly, I for one had been waiting for a vibrator that specializes in the almighty G-spot extravaganza. Enter the LELO GIGI (pardon the pun). Hallelujah! LELO GIGI is my new best friend.

Gigi Bliss

I found myself digging into the packaging like my life depended on it, and the heavens opened when the box did. I think I even heard a choir singing “Ahhhhh!”.

Sporting the elegant Scandinavian design that LELO does so well, my Gigi in beautiful deep rose is a happy marriage of form and function delivered with a case that speaks of discretion and a satin carry pouch that whispers decadence.

I set my sights on finding a two-hour distraction, as that’s how I would be blessed with four hours of GIGI bliss. I slipped When Harry Met Sally into the DVD player and tried not to think about what I couldn’t help thinking about.

If you’re a LELO virgin, be informed that their treats lock-very handy for traveling with no fear of your suitcase buzzing. Press the interface dial until it illuminates, and you’re free to get naughty. The instructions are pleasantly brief and can prevent mid-play conundrums.

LELO GIGI And Harry Met Sally

Harry and Sally live happily ever after, and the timer ding is music to my ears. I treat my GIGI to a pre-play bath of warm water and soap and spend a few precious moments stroking its velvety silicone. This is nonporous, medical grade silicone-plastic designed to up the ante on vibration resonance.

I learn every smooth curve of this gem, its shaft contouring just right for g-spot tracking and intense stimulation. The flattened head is said to be a fabulous g-spot masseuse. Let’s see…

lelo gigi side view

Whisper Quiet

I send friction packing by rubbing us both down with water-based lube. I put “lightweight and natural to hold” on my mental list of pros, adding “whisper quiet” after I take the plunge to power.

I laid back and made like Lewis & Clark, ready for my new adventure. I ran the GIGI’s silky, slightly rounded peak against my legs and crept toward my clitoris with baited breath. I had definitely found a spot to pitch my tent for a while.

Things got quite heated and I didn’t want to cut my expedition short, so I mapped my way through the pleasure modes. As with most of its LELO siblings, the Lelo Gigi delights with seven speeds, and five pulse patterns performing at varying speeds and intensities.

The dial makes operation a breeze, with a gentle push of its plus and minus buttons controlling speed, and the up/down arrows commandeering vibration.

Impressive sensation!

I went on to letting the GIGI fulfill its ultimate objective, and it immediately found my G-spot and got down to business, totally in tune with my natural curves. Curses! I accidentally turned it off! The handle could stand to be a bit longer. OK. Regroup.

I did some interior tinkering with the pulse modes, and then proceeded to the ole in and out. Impressive sensation! The g-spot stimulation was nothing short of thrilling. I regret to report that my flagship effort did not induce a g-spot O. This time. Not to worry, the shaft’s flat head gave me an amazing clitoral orgasm.

I had to catch my breath when the GIGI was finished with me. This is a toy every girl should have!


Power Source: Rechargeable
Performance: G-spot vibrator
Controls: Push button pad
Special Features: Travel lock for discretion
Vibrations Levels: 5 different patterns of vibration with 5 different speeds

Ins: Perfectly contoured to stimulate the G-spot
Outs: The handle could be longer


Material: Medical grade silicone.
Texture: Smooth
Safety Features: Body safe, phthalate free
Colors: Soft Pink
Manufacturer: Lelo


Total Length: 6.5”
Insertable Length: 4.5”
Circumference: 3.5”
Warranty: 1 year Lelo warranty

Overall Rating

**Based on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not so great and 10 being awesome.
Noise Level: 8
Performance Satisfaction: 8
Value for the Price: 8
Intensity Level: 8
Overall Rating: 8

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