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The Best Sex Positions for Fat People

Being overweight or obese doesn’t exclude sexual activity. The research made in 2015 showed that men with higher body mass (not lean muscle mass) had had more sexual partners than those who had the usual weight.

Why so? No one has the answer to this question. What’s more interesting, though, is that overweight women have less sex than overweight men. At least that’s what the Journal of Sexual Medicine has to say.

Sex is a physical activity that presupposes burning fat, spending calories and putting effort from the people involved in it. However, it doesn’t mean that every sexual intercourse must include crazy holding positions like standing 69 or jumping cowgirl.

So, if you’re having some health conditions but still want to have sex, it’s not a problem. You simply need to try out some sex positions for fat people and say goodbye to uncomfortable sex once and for all. Shall we?

Best sex positions for fat people you need to try


spooning sex position
Spooning hits our top as one of the most comfortable sex positions for plus size people. You and your partner must lie on your sides in one direction. The front partner can slightly lift the upper leg to let the back partner come inside more easily. You can play tempting music for sex and enjoy it to the fullest.

This pose is great since the penetration is pretty deep and the penis or a sex toy touches the G-spot. The orgasms in spooning are sure to come if you relax and let your body drown in sex drive head to toe. The key to your orgasm is in your head, girl (read up to find out why).

Sideways 69

sideways 69 sex position
No top is complete without a nice pose for oral sex. Think about it – if you and your partner are a bit overweight or obese, oral sex sounds like a plan. You don’t need to move, jump, or carry anyone. You just lie down and get pleasure no matter the weight.

You and your partner lie on your sides pretty much like in spooning. However, your bodies must resemble the number 69, you know what I mean. When it’s done, you start giving a blow job or cunnilingus and receiving pleasure yourself. Sideways 69 is comfy, easy, and stress-free, a real win-win!

Doggy style

doggy style sex position
Even though the doggy style is a cliché, it’ll always be one of the deepest and horniest positions ever. It belongs to the top sex positions for women. Both partners enjoy the look and feel in this pose since it’s a clear representation of the dominance-submissive sex.

When you’re performing doggy style, none of the partners must lie on another or pressure them with the big weight. The one who penetrates, stands on the knees, while the one being penetrated – on all fours. Everyone’s happy!


g-whiz position
G-whiz also belongs to the best sex positions for plus size women, especially if they’re into anal. Anal sex is a good way to look outside your bubble and experience new sensations. Besides, if you’re a man and get penetrated by your partner, you’re likely to orgasm, not only ejaculate (read up to find out why).

To perform G-whiz, you don’t need to be a gymnast. Just lie down and put your legs on your partner’s shoulders. Your partner must stand on the knees to lift your hips a little. This way the penetration will be deeper.

Pretzel Dip

pretzel dip
Pretzel Dip, as well as the missionary, are sex positions for plus size women. The partner on top stands on the knees face to face to the partner on the bottom and does the penetration part. The partner on the bottom lies on one side and keeps the legs spread.

The woman’s clitoris in Pretzel Dip rubs against the leg of her partner. She is so likely to orgasm in this pose. When she reaches the summit, he sees that and cums himself. It’s becoming hotter in this room, isn’t it?

Tips and tricks to orgasmic sex for fat people

If you’re a fat woman who can’t reach the culmination, don’t think that your orgasm depends on the partner. According to the study on female orgasms conducted in 2016, women don’t orgasm if they get better in sex, masturbate, or change partners.

Orgasms will come if you consider orgasms important, have a strong sexual desire, consider yourself sexy, love your body, and speak with your partner about your sexual preferences. This way you’re likely to have powerful orgasms more often.

In case you’re an overweight man, bear in mind that ejaculation and orgasm are two different things. To reach orgasms, you need to stimulate the pelvic muscles and sphincter. Try massaging the prostate to reach mind-blowing sensations.

Another thing that can help you is putting a cushion under the lower spine to lift your hips a little. This applies mostly to women. This way a penis or a toy is more likely to find a G-spot and stimulate it.

Don’t forget about safety!

Whenever you have penetrative sex, masturbate with a sex toy, or perform oral, use condoms, or other means of contraception. It’s recommended to consult with a doctor before engaging in sex for you and your partner(s). STIs are real!

If you’re a girl, stop being a baby and take responsibility for your health and future. Carry a pack of condoms and use contraceptives prescribed by the doctor. Otherwise, unplanned pregnancy or genital infections will be knocking on your door very soon.


Fat people can have good sex in comfortable positions that include deep penetration. Your body is a map that needs to be explored so do this so that you can tell your partner all the ins and outs of your orgasms.

Spooning, sideways 69, doggy style, G-whiz, and Pretzel Dip are not the only sex positions you can add to your arsenal. Try out new ones with your partner if you two feel like it. Everything depends on your mood, flexibility, and adventurism. Good luck!

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